April 4, 2014

The basic requirements for the two-year Confirmation Sacramental process:
The Confirmation Process is open to all teens who are in high school.
Candidate Paperwork required:

  • All teens need to present their Baptismal and first Eucharist Certificates
  • Parent Guardian Paperwork required:
    • Guidelines for  Adults Interacting with Minors (download and fill in, sign and return)

Worship:  The candidate is a committed member of one of the liturgical ministries of the parish.  See the worship post for opportunities
Catechesis:  The candidate and his/her parent(s) are required to attend six 90 minute sessions per year.  Sponsors are invited to come if they are local and able to attend.  If one is unable to come to a session there are makeup post on this site. 


Service:  The candidates and their families are asked to put their faith into action by participating in one large or several smaller service projects.  It is difficult to calculate hours for projects, however the projects should be about five hours per year.  It is our hope that these projects include the whole family.  See the service post for opportunities.

Community Life:  Being engaged with other teens in the process coming together fun social activities is all a part of the confirmation process.  Candidates will be asked to participate in two Community Life events each year.  See the Youth Ministry Calendar for opportunities.

Retreats:  Often the highlight of the Confirmation Process is the retreats.  Candidates are expected to attend at least one retreat each year.  See the Retreat post for opportunities.  

Rites:  The candidates and their sponsors will ask the larger community for the prayer and support at three rituals throughout the Confirmation Process.  See the Rituals Post for the calendar.  
Interviews:  Throughout the Confirmation Process, the team would like to check in with our households of faith.  At that time we can go over the process, answer questions, and serve to help our families in the process.  We ask that you gather with a team member three times during the process:
•    Year 1 Candidates and their families during the summer or fall of their first year
•    Year 2 Candidates and their families between the first and second year
•    Year 2 Candidates after the new year and just before Lent of their second year

There is a $300.00 fee for the two years of Confirmation Process.  However this does not cover the retreat nor any other outing which requires a fee.