The Young Church as Liturgical Ministers

August 25, 2016

From the very beginning of our Youth Friendly Mass, (way back in 1992) we have attempted to create a healthy, refreshing, teen and family friendly liturgy.  Come help us to keep the Spirit alive.

Click here to sign up for one of the ministries.

Altar Serving:  Serve at the table of the Lord. Rotate through Saturday and the six morning Masses  or be a server at the 5:30 youth friendly Mass.

The Choir   5:30 Choir:  The choir practices at 7:30-9:00pm almost every Thursday in the Eden Center.  The choir sets up at 4:30pm on Sundays and cleans up for about 15 minutes following Mass.   For more information contact Tony Cheng our Choir Director

Lector:  A lector prayerfully prepares to read the first and second readings, and the general intercessions at the 5:30 Mass.  Lectors usually serve about once a month.

Greeter:  About fifteen minutes before Mass, Greeters greet people as they come into the church.  Sometimes Greeters will have things to pass out, other times our Greeters are the friendly face & voice of welcome.  At the end of Mass, Greeters help the ushers tidy the church.  Click here for the schedule

Liturgy Planning Team:  This team gathers once a month to plan different things to make the 5:30pm very attractive to the Young Church.  We will gather on the first Monday of most months at 5:30 pm  Click here for the schedule

Technology:  The ministry of technology is the administration of the ProPresentor application which allows the congregation to see the lyrics and other responses during the liturgy.  One must be in the choir loft at 5:15  and help tidy for about five minutes after Mass.  Once a month rotation.  Click here for the schedule

Usher:  About ten minutes before Mass, join other ushers and welcome, find seating, help with the collection, make sure Communion flows well, and manage emergencies.  Stay after Mass for five minutes to tidy the church.  Click here for the schedule

Video Ministry:  Join Video Ministry as a camera operator for one of our video ministry teams.  Must be in the studio a half hour before Mass, and stay after Mass about ten minutes to put away all the cameras and camera gear.  Click here for the schedule