Parent Involvement

July 31, 2016

IMG_6208We believe making disciples is the primary function of the Confirmation Preparation.  A few years ago a group of committed parents, catechists and youth ministry people gathered to make plans for a meaningful and enriching confirmation preparation.  Over and over again we read, discussed and discovered; if you want teen disciples –work with the teens AND their families.  Discipleship begins at home.

All of our sessions involve at least one parent.  At each session there is time for discussion and prayer with teen and parent.  Faith formation is part of what we do as Catholic families of faith.

Parents who would like their teens to prepare for the sacrament of confirmation make a commitment to their teen, to the parish community and to themselves to be a part of this preparation period. This includes:

  • Keeping your teen and all those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation in prayer
  • Attending twelve sessions (six each year)
  • Helping your teen participate in a liturgical ministry
  • Volunteering for at least one thing Click here for the list of opportunities.