Confirmation 2018 (Year 2) Formation Sessions

May 2, 2017

There will be six sessions each year for candidates and their parents and if possible their  sponsors. We will gather for 90 minutes at 3:45 pm on Sundays or at 7 pm on Tuesdays. Parents and/or Sponsors will meet in the St. Joseph Center while the candidates gather in the Eden Center (Unless told otherwise).  Each group will have a  catechetical session followed by a prayer service allowing candidates and their parents–and if possible their sponsors–to pray and reflect together.

Confirmation 2018 (Year 2)  Formation Sessions

Date Teens Adults
19 or 24
Jesus and Religion Spirituality and Religion
17 or 22
Discipleship and Compassion Compassion
November       14 & 19 The Creed: Journeying Through Our Faith The Creed: Journeying Through Our Faith
7:00 pm
 Eucharist Calling Us Into Community  Eucharist Calling Us Into Community
20 or 25
Reconciliation: Peace in Our Communities Reconciliation: Pardon and Peace
20 only
Living My Vocation Living My Vocation