Make-ups for Catechetical Sessions

April 1, 2017

If you were unable to attend one of the sessions, a make-up will be posted after the session.  To make up one or more of the Catechetical sessions, please download the forms below.

Confirmation 2018: Year-2

Session 1:  Community Life, Youth Ministry, and Liturgy (Make-up for session in October 2016)

Session 2:  The Hands and Feet of Christian Service (Make-up for session in November 2016)

Session 3:  Eucharist Calling Us into Community (Make up session in January 2017)

Session 4: Parables and Teachings of Jesus (Make-up for session in February 2017)

Session 5:  Brothers and Sisters in Christ (Make up for session in March 2017)

Session 6:  I am the Imago Dei  (Make up for session in April 2017)

Confirmation 2019: Year-1

Wildcard Sessions

You may substitute any one session for one of the following wildcard sessions.