Following Jesus: The Boardgame

In the fall of 2014 a small group of our youth in consultation with the middle school ministry coordinator developed a board game to encourage other youth to know more about Jesus and to explore the Gospels. This game was a great success and would be a great game to play at home!

This resource is for at home use only and may not be reproduced for sale or commercial use.

Game Board: Board Game

The version of the board game board we used included images from the life of Jesus. If you would like this version please email You could also print out the version above and decorate it with hand drawn images yourself! This would be a fun family activity prior to playing the game.

Board Game Questions Board Game Questions

Board Game Rules/How to Play:Board Game Rules

Board Game Pieces – you can use any pawns you have from other boardgames at home. If you would like the specific pawns that we used please email