CROSSWALK Middle School Ministry (MSM) serves 6th, 7th and 8th Graders at Holy Family Church, South Pasadena, CA.

What is the purpose of the middle school ministry?

Our purpose is to inspire the youth within our parish to know Jesus and empower them to live as engaged joyful disciples.


What to Expect???


Welcome to CrossWalk! Here is some information that will help your family to get the most out of this unique experience of performing service projects together in our wonderful community of South Pasadena.

  • Please try to be on time! 3:30 SHARP on the Last Sunday of the month. We sometimes have projects that are very time-consuming and we don’t like to run over, especially with the 5:15 end time both for people who want to attend the 5:30 Mass.
  • CrossWalk Middle School Ministry provides almost everything needed for each service project…so you just need to bring your creativity and enthusiasm. We will collect Halloween Candy for the troops and our Box of Joy project as well as hygiene bags for the people who come and use the Shower of Hope. You will learn more about that very shortly. One other exception would be if we do a drive of some kind collecting “gently used” items.
    • SIGN IN to record your attendance
    • PICK UP ANY HANDOUTS that are right there next to the sign in sheets: the agenda for the day, information pertaining to the project that day, etc.
    • EVERYONE FILLS OUT A NAME TAG and put it where it can be seen…it’s the only way we get to learn names. (some of our funny attendees try to hide their name tags :o/ )
    • SAINT’S TABLES Each family will pick a saint’s name out of the bowl placed at the end of the table then look for the saint’s picture on a particular table. This will be where you sit THIS time.. This will help to get families to know each other since we have so many people. There will be several icebreaker games to help mesh everyone as well. There will also be a brief bio of each saint for you to read..
    • IF YOU LIKE, FILL OUT A PRAYER PETITION FOR OUR PRAYER CHAINThe Prayer Jar has its own table by the double glass doors. For those of you attending for the first time, we like to end each meeting with a spontaneous prayer. We do this by having anyone who wishes fill out a “prayer slip” (anonymously) and then place it in the Prayer Jar. In addition to the Prayer Jar having its own space, we will also be making a paper chain of those prayers to wind around the room so we can have a visual reminder each week of who we prayed for and should continue to remember in our prayers. It will be interesting to see how far it will grow in the coming months!

IF YOU HAVE SPARE CHANGE, FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE TO “HOMELESS FRIENDS JAR OF LOVE” This will allow our Giving bank to help our homeless folks with incidental.  For example someone might need change to the laundromat, or a special fast food meal, or well you see the list can be endless.