Welcome to Holy Family Middle School & Youth Ministries!

Whether you’re in middle school or high school, Holy Family has a ministry just for you.


CrossWalk Middle school is a time of transition and transformation, moving from elementary school and getting ready for high school all at the same time. Middle School Ministry is a welcoming, exciting, fun community of sixth, seventh and eighth grade youth who gather weekly for formation, friendship, fun,  and service. Join us as we learn together how to better love God, our neighbors and ourselves through study of Scripture, knowledge of our faith tradition and our commitment to discipleship. Our purpose is to inspire youth to know Jesus and empower them grow as engaged disciples.

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Confirmation Sacramental preparation is a two-year process, which includes teens, sponsors, parents and families. The Confirmation process includes formation, service, interviews, retreats, liturgical rites, and the social activities we call Community Life. Teens typically begin the Confirmation process at Holy Family during their freshman year in high school and receive the Sacrament during the Easter Season of their sophomore year; however, any teen in high school may participate in the process during their high school years.

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Youth Ministry

Holy Family Youth Ministry is a Catholic youth group open to high school students of all faiths. Our Youth Ministry is a comprehensive youth program grounded in the mission of Jesus and the Church, directed toward growth as loving Christian disciples. Holy Family Youth Ministry affords the young people of our parish many exciting opportunities for spiritual reflection, growth, and community in an exciting and fun environment.

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