Choose one, or a combination, of the following formats:

 • Essay (1” margins, 12-point font size, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 2 pages in length and also a cover page) and/or

• Art project (e.g., drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, music, dramatic monologue, or video) with an attached explanation. If possible, include a picture (jpg) of you involved in the project. This project may include your work with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Charity League, liturgical service at Holy Family, etc.

Reflection: Use the following reflection questions to guide your essay and/or art project.

1. Describe your service project: what did you do, where, when, how long did it take, to whom did you minister etc. Include all the necessary general information about your project.

2. What skills did you gain? Do you have new attitudes and/or new ways of looking at things? If this project is something you do each year, make sure to focus on the new attitudes you gained.

3. What did you learn about the people you ministered to and encountered? If there was one person who stood out, focus on him/her.

4. Review some of the passages in the gospels where Jesus expressed concern for others. Can you make a comparison to what you learned from your experience and something you found in the Scripture passage?

5. What did you learn about God, reality, human nature, suffering, happiness and life? 6. What did you learn about yourself from your involvement in this project?

Due: One month before Confirmation to