Thank you for completing the forms contained in the packet above before beginning Session 1. Please note take of the following when filling out this paperwork…

  • “Medication Authorization & Permission” – All families must complete this form, whether or not a teen is taking medication. Please note the highlighted sentence towards the bottom that gives us permission to call paramedics if necessary.
  • “Boundary Guidelines for Junior High and High School Youth Working or Volunteering with Children or Youth”All teens must complete this form before participating in the Confirmation preparation program.
  • “Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Minors at Parish/School Activities or Events”All adults who plan to attend Confirmation sessions or other activities must complete this form. Each parent or guardian must complete a separate copy (hence why we have included two copies as a reminder for you). The first page of this form is for you to keep. We just need the second signed page.
  • Baptism & First Eucharist/Communion Certificates – Please be sure to give us a copy of your Baptism and First Eucharist (First Communion) certificates if your teen did not receive these sacraments at Holy Family. You may scan and email them to us or bring hard copies to our office or to the Holy Family Pastoral Center. There is also an option to upload scanned copies of the certificates during the online registration process.