July 1, 2015

Being still in this very stimulated society can be quite challenging; nevertheless, it is essential for our spiritual growth. Candidates will have the opportunity to select at least two retreats to attend during their journey to the Sacrament of Confirmation. This will allow each candidate to unplug for a short time in order to spend quality time with themselves, their peers and with God.

The candidates will be asked to participate in at least one retreat each year.  All participants in the retreat are expected to attend the entire retreat.

Confirmation 2021: Year-One Retreats

Please return all permission slips and payments to Holy Family Youth Ministry.  Please make checks payable to Holy Family. 

  • The Family Retreat:  November 16, 2019    This retreat is for first year candidates and their families. Although this is open to the whole family we cannot accommodate children under 12.   During the retreat families will have an all day adventure in faith.  This year’s retreat is based on the the teaching of Jesus, The Prodigal Son.  Candidates and their families are expected to gather in the Parish Hall at 9:00 am on a Saturday The retreat will end with Mass around 9:00 pm. Candidates and at least one parent/guardian are expected to attend the entire retreat.  Click here for the permission form.


  • StrengthsFinders Retreat:  January4 & 5, 2020.  This Year One retreat enables each person to reflect on his/her unique gifts.  Using the StrengthsFinder survey the teens will be examining their own gifts, testing how their gifts work in communion with their other gifts, and also how his/her gifts are complimentary with other people’s gifts.  When the young people and their parents sign up for the retreat/seminar, they will be given the StrengthsFinders test and book to complete one week before the retreat begins.Candidates are expected to gather at the Eden at 10:00 am to 5:00pm on Saturday,  and return on Sunday, at noon and we will conclude our retreat by attending the 5:30 Mass together. Parents and sponsors are encouraged to attend the Eucharistic celebration, and perhaps hear a little bit about the experiences on the retreat. Candidates are expected to attend the entire retreat.  Click here for the permission form.


  • Beatitudes Retreat at Camp HollywoodLand.  March 14 & 15, 2020. Teens will discover why the Beatitudes are at the heart of Jesus’ preaching.  This retreat gives teens a weekend away in the beautiful hills of Griffith Park to reflect and share about their own Christian attitudes.    Parents are requested to return to the camp at 12:30 pm for Mass with the teens before dismissal.  Candidates are expected to attend the entire retreat.  Click here for the permission form.

Confirmation 2020: Year-Two Gifts of the Holy Spirit Retreats

Confirmation Candidates in Year-2 will explore each of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Each gift will be presented in creative and interactive ways.  The highlight of Saturday evening is a talent show.  All candidates may begin planning on sharing their special gifts for that evening.  Both retreat options require that teens be dropped off at 9:00 am on the Saturday morning of the retreat.  On the Sunday of retreat, parents are requested to return to the camp at 2:45 pm for Mass with the teens before dismissal.  Candidates are expected to attend the entire retreat.  Parents are expected to attend the Mass with their teen on Sunday.

Option 1:  December 14-15, 2019

Option 2:  February 15-16 2020


Other Options  for year 1 or year 2 retreats

Other parishes welcome our teens to attend their retreats. Check back in the fall for a spreadsheet of other parishes offerings.

Click here for more information.  Be sure to note the tabs on the bottom one for year one and the other for year two!